Evidence for the Existence of the People of Mars

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I realise that the human mind can make images out of random marks and that nature is a joker that makes strange similarities. So, instead of concentrating on trying to convey what I personally see in the most striking examples, I have instead focused on attempting to demonstrate that style and patterns have been used deliberately and repeatedly at this site on Mars with intelligence and creativity. In the page that follows there are photographs clearly showing deposits of an archaeological nature. They can be demonstrated to be remains of creative structures made with intent. The incorporation of design elements is undeniable. Structures of art and design are something that are made and understood afterwards by minds with reasoning, not by insinuation, intelligence is awakened to the language of motives and creative devices. It transcends spoken language. The creation and recognition of intentional images and patterns are the same as writing and reading.

I have found strong indications of glazed pottery. To skip to that page follow this linkSupporting evidence found by NASA's Opportunity rover that clay is present

Because I can see representations of familiar shapes, I have included them, but I have tried to emphasise that it is the repetition of design elements that demonstrate the intentional making of these artefacts by intelligent minds. In short, the use of repeating patterns and design elements means they aren't random natural formations, or imaginary.

I began to look at the photographs after following a link left by someone in a forum post on Alien Anomalies website. I have an interest in Helioviewer images of the Sun and hadn't looked at Curiosity's photos before in any depth. I downloaded some of the rover photos to see better detail by enlarging and sharpening the images and was blown away by what I saw there.

The site I became interested in at first is on the slopes of a hill at 370 Sol. I have no exact measurements for any of the images. Size is irrelevant because even here on earth we know that people have come in different sizes. The scale of artefacts is in constants according to type so relates them to each other. The rover itself is the only reference for scale relative to ourselves.

At the top of this hill the sand is in dunes between large rocks. Slightly smaller rocks and pieces of stone sculpture are scattered away from the central point, some pieces have broken in situ and are half buried as if they had rolled downhill and then broken. Other pieces are scattered downhill as if they were broken during the fall, with smaller pieces further down slope and some rolling along the sand ridges.

Some areas of the ground are weathered into rivulets and some indentations have sharp crisp edges as if something had been embedded and then lifted out. There are rocks of different composition, some have shiny metallic looking swirls and others apparent mica inclusions. Some of the fragments that I will call artefacts from now on are suggestive of other composition besides stone.


To move further away from comfort zones, I found evidence of a scattering of flying objects in a variety of shapes. Considering this objectively (and suspending faith in the unilateral nature of reality) it appears as if very small inhabitants did what we would do if some alien machine began walking towards us, escaping to a safe distance.

A Note

The exploration of these images is fascinating and ongoing. I have gathered together here a hasty collection to present my findings and I have much work to do on this project.

The members of the community at Alien Anomalies are also working to decipher and gather understanding of the rover photographs. I am a recent member there and the conclusions I have come to here are my own. I haven't read all their posts or taken ideas from them. The one detail that I have used from one of their members is that the small spiky things seem to be alive and to live in a snail-like way, inside a shell. Some of the images do suggest this and I'm in agreement, but they're also represented in a creative way as a design element of other structures.

I will be making a more detailed directory and gallery with better reference to the raw images. This website is new and these pages have been written over a short period because I just couldn't wait to share this revelation.

Source of Data

The photographs are from the NASA cameras on the Curiosity rover, Mars Science Laboratory, JPL, California Institute of Technology, USA,

NASA JPL - Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity rover

Information about the Curiosity rover including camera details is in this PDF file available to download from NASA JPL Mars Science Laboratory Landing

Curiosity was using guided navigation at the time these photos were taken then on August 27th 2013 successfully used autonomous navigation for the first time. It is now en route to Mount Sharp.

Photographs are grouped in sequence on the Mars Science Laboratory site so show various aspects of an area and are grouped together by indexing the number of the martian day, e.g. 370 refers to the 370th day -or sol- of the rovers' mission.

Click image for progress of Curiosity rover up to Sol370

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Source Reference

I've used several raw images, (right click the links here to open originals in new tabs)















Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

I have read and understood the terms of use for these images and am using them responsibly and truthfully. I increased the resolution and saved them as portable network graphics (png) to preserve the quality. I used Gimp image manipulation software to sharpen by decomposing and unsharpen on the base image then recompose and convert back to jpeg images. This sharpens without distortion. Where I use filters it is minimal and only to make the artefacts clearer. All enhancements can be described in full. I have not added any detail and the raw images are referenced and links to the originals are provided above.

All work with the raw images in the following pages is my own work and as such may be copied for personal use only

The Evidence

Photographic Evidence

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